Rogers Diffusion of Innovation chapters 1, 4, & 5, 6, Reynolds chapter 5, and R3

Make sure you have read Rogers Diffusion of Innovation chapters 1, 4, & 5, 6, Reynolds chapter 5, and R3 Readings before doing this homework.
Answer the following questions in a 5 to 8 paragraph essay in a MSWord document.
NOTE: This doesn’t mean each answer is 1 paragraph. Instead, think about how you would answer the questions in a holistic, well-written, grammatically correct, properly structured, succinct, 5 to 8 paragraph essay that integrates your insights from all articles plus your reading from Chapters 5 & 6.
Why Can’t China Innovate? (according to HBR article); How can the Chinese people innovate when China can’t?
Based on the HBR “Why China Can’t Innovate” article, what are some key components of innovation in a country?
What are some IT & innovation differences between a domestic (i.e. U.S.-only) firm and one operating in a mostly country like China?
After reading these papers, what do you consider to be 3 to 5 major challenges for global IT management?
What are some positive aspects of global IT projects?
Write a 500-1000 word paper (single spaced, 1″ margin, 11pt or 12pt font).
File submitted should either be in .docx or .pdf format. Do not upload in any other format.
Properly cite your references. Use MLA or APA format.
Your paper is checked by TurnItIn. Your TurnItIn score should not be higher than 15%.
The readings in this section review aspects of Global IT Innovation. Remember to utilize your innovation diffusion “analysis tools and vocabulary” from Rogers and Reynolds chapters assigned thus far.
Overall, your grade reflects the paper’s success in articulating your ideas coherently, in a structure that makes sense, and without spelling or grammar or punctuation errors.

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