You have been “hired” and given a “job/project” to complete. Each individual project is based on realistic scenarios and situations in multiple aspects of sports and health science businesses that involve a particular company, event, or cause.

The Senior Capstone Project is not a traditional Capstone Project but one that is designed to place Sports and Health Sciences degree students in the role of the decision maker. You have been “hired” and given a “job/project” to complete. Each individual project is based on realistic scenarios and situations in multiple aspects of sports and health science businesses that involve a particular company, event, or cause. The objective of each Capstone Project is to require students to research information relevant and current in today’s sports and health science industry, make decisions that impact sport organizations, and apply theory to practice. The Capstone Project will focus on an individual situation that allows students to research and analyze information to provide a comprehensive presentation containing creative solutions. The presentation should demonstrate an inclusive understanding of program level objectives, key coaching, exercise science, fitness and wellness, and sports and health science concepts, critical thinking, reflective practice, constructive analysis, ability to make executive level decisions, and overall ability to write efficiently. Your Senior Capstone Project Reference Page and in text citations MUST be written in APA style. Capstone Project Objectives 1) Require students to research information current to today’s industry. 2) Make strategic decisions that impact sport organizations. 3) Apply theory to practice. 4) Enable students to execute creative solutions. 5) Demonstrate critical thinking. 6) Build/develop constructive analysis. 7) Demonstrate an ability to make executive level decisions. 8) Demonstrate ability to write efficiently. 9) Provide examples of leadership. 10) Establish methods of management that promote teamwork. Each student will select a specific Capstone Project scenario related to their concentration within the Sports and Health Sciences degree program. Exercise Science & Coaching: NCAA Division II Head Strength Coach You are the head strength coach for a NCAA Division II College. Use the NCAA website to view your school choices – choose an actual school. Each spring you present the up coming summer and next year’s plan of action for the strength and conditioning department. Within this presentation you will provide the athletic department and individual coaches with the University’s academic objectives, your personal coaching philosophy, athletic department philosophy, job descriptions of current staff, and a year round weight room schedule for all sports at your college. Present these components along with athlete weight room guidelines and strength and conditioning staff schedule for Athletic Director approval. Prior to this meeting you have had one on one conversations with each coach and coaching staff. These meetings lined out the goals and objectives for each team, based on last season results and in coming athletes. You will discuss these meetings in your presentation for your chosen 4 sports. You will develop strength and conditioning programs for a total of 4 sports at your University/College, 2 major men’s sports and 2 major female sports. You may only choose one gender for a particular sport. For example you may not choose, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s volleyball, etc. Baseball and softball are considered similar in training and both sports cannot be used. The strength and conditioning program must provide clear team and individual position objectives. The strength and conditioning program must include a summer program and an in season program. No additional offseason program is necessary. Remember for the summer program, consider the athletes who do not have access to weight room equipment during the summer or are injured and insure modifications are present. Strength and conditioning programs must abide by the current ACSM resistance training guidelines and industry protocol for training for each chosen sport. Each team’s program must be able to be presented and accessible to players and coaches at the above mentioned yearly spring meeting after all post conference play is complete. *This Scenario is in a “world” where a COVID-19 vaccine has been created. There will still be sanitary precautions that are more in depth, but not necessarily to the extent that we are required to go through now. A table of contents is needed. Your completed Capstone Project will be approximately 20 – 40 pages long with a total of 15 -25 references. Don’t panic, this includes photos, charts, bullet points, descriptive text, etc

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