When are the rights of the child protected by appointing a surrogate parent?

Part 1 Directions
Based on the handout Procedural Safeguard: Appointing a Surrogate Parent for a Child (Links to an external site.), respond to the following questions:
When are the rights of the child protected by appointing a surrogate parent?
What are some of the requirements surrogate parents must meet to be assigned a child?
Why should a surrogate parent have a sufficient amount of knowledge to represent the child adequately?.
Part 2 Directions
Using the FL DOE Technical Assistance Paper Surrogate Parents for Students with Disabilities (Links to an external site.) handout, write a fictitious letter to the state department about appointing surrogate parents.
Your fictitious letter will be professional, acknowledging the state department for their position on appointing surrogate parents, and explaining why an individual would be a good fit based on the circumstances requiring a surrogate parent. Use the handout while addressing the two areas below:
What are the circumstances requiring the appointment of a surrogate parent?
Appointment and oversight of surrogate parents
The letter must follow and include these required components:
APA writing style, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and margins of 1 inch.
Part 1 or Part 3: one citation provided.
Part 1 or Part 3: each response is three to five sentences.
Part 2: one page in length, double-spaced.

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