Google the Mental Health Channel.

use the 5 stories from Season 1: Episode 5 since it provides 5 different stories. If you are interested in watching the schizophrenia video since we are covering that in class this weee=k, you are welcome to elaborate on 1 of those videos and the other 4 remain with the topic of suicide.
In seperate paragraphs, describe each session you attended and discuss a minimum of “1” thing you learned in that session. Title each paragrapg accordingly: Ex- Thur Evening, Firday 9AM session, Friday 10am session. After providing this synopsis, follow the remaining instructions below…
Go to the Mental Health Chanel.
Find the topic on Suicide.
Watch 5 videos and answer the following prompts.
Briefly describe the five videos. Title each Videoparagrpah seperately. Write one paragraph per video (paragraph should be minimum of 3-6 sentences long. Include name of character, contributing factors that led to suicidal thoughts and other pertinent information. This should be detailed enough that after reading what you write, we should almost literally see what you saw.)
Focus on one episode and answer the following questions:
How did this person deal with his/her suicidal thoughts?
What are your thoughts on people who consider suicide?
Do you know anyone who has considered suicide?
Do you know anyone who has attempted suicide?
Do you know anyone who has completed suicide?
Do you believe suicidal thoughts can be controlled? How?
How is the family impacted when a family member attempts/completes suicide?
What can you as a family member, friend or nurse do to help someone who is in emotional distress and contemplating suicide?
How will you use this knowledge to guide your interventions when you begin your nursing career?

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