Data Management Project: Logical Design

Week 3 – Data Management Project: Logical Design
The Data Management Project for week 3 builds upon what you did for the Data Management Project in weeks 1 and 2. Create a logical data model of data management project showing the entities, relationships, primary keys, and foreign keys. Eliminate composite attributes, like student_name, by creating student_first_name and student_last_name. Create associative entities to resolve any many-to-many relationships between entities. Make sure each entity is in third normal form, meaning that each non-key attribute must depend on the primary key, the whole primary key, and only nothing but the primary key. Use the (formerly tool ( to create your logical model.
Export your data model as a PDF and save it on your PC, as shown in video tutorial (Links to an external site.). Submit the PDF via the assignment link.
• Textbook: Module 6 – Normalization of Data Tables
• Video: Module 6 – Normalization of Data Tables (10:44 min.)
• Video: Module 6 – Improving the Design (8:34 min.)
• PowerPoint: Module 6 Review charts

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