The Bible in contemporary culture

Lesson 3 Discussion Forum
Weekly Discussion Forums are intended to promote interaction between students to further the learning experience. Steps to constructing the initial forum post are:
TOPIC: Lesson 3 Discussion Forum: The Bible in contemporary culture
Find a source – an article in a magazine or newspaper, a movie, a picture or painting, a song, a video clip, etc. – relevant to the lesson topic. Source materials must be appropriate for use by a general audience and for use in a classroom setting.
Begin the initial post with a bibliographic citation of the source (see style guide). The initial post should be 400-500 words.
Summarize the source in a 400-500 word essay explaining the relevance of the source for understanding the topic/doctrine, the connection between the source and the topic/doctrine, and how the source informs our understanding of the topic/doctrine.
Initial posts and interactive responses should reflect critical interaction with course materials and the topic. Answers will be graded on accuracy, insightfulness, grammar, and overall understanding of the subject.

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