“Recipe for Success: Growth and Evolution at Cafe Cupcake”

Read the following Harvard Business Case
“Recipe for Success: Growth and Evolution at Cafe Cupcake” (I will upload this case for you to read and use)
Assignment Question:
Critically analyse the case, drawing on concepts and theories discussed in class materials. What should this company’s course of action be and why?
(Please use the lecture PPT that I upload, use as much as theories and concepts you can, then highlight them to me, try to connect the theories, concepts, readings and case together. Remember, you can ONLY use the theories and concept from my lecture PPT, thanks.)
Also, I will upload you the Assignment 1 marking rubric for you, please write this essay step by step based on the marking rubric.
Length: Maximum 1500 words (+20% is ok). The word limit includes in-text citations, not reference list.
1. For the essay, you should write in this way as your subtitles:
A. What is Cafe Cupcake’s operating philosophy?
B. What accounts for the company’s performance to date?
C. HR systems, business strategy?
D. Are there signs of trouble with respect to the business: HRrelated or otherwise?
E. How important is the HR strategy to Café Cupcake?
F. What should their next steps be?
(Show me you did A-F on your essay, do not give me the chance to review this part)
2. Evidence and Understanding
Review evidence from the academic literature, Peer reviewed journal articles, Quality books. So please use the reading I upload for you, at least use three of them, then you can use google scholar to do the research to use outside readings. Highlight the reading in the reference list to show me how many readings you used is what I uploaded.
3. Critical analysis
Evidence should be synthesized, discussed and analysed critically: this means:
Finding coherence and contradiction between evidencesources, and between evidence sources and the case Identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments and evidencesources
Critique can reflect published evidence or original thinking
Critical analysis may draw on theoretical, methodological orpractical issues
(Please show me you did this, show me how strong your critical analysis are!!! do not give me chance do let you do the review)
4. Practical application
Demonstrate awareness of the application of Strategic HRMto the case study
How evidence can be used by practitioners How techniques can be applied in practice (Please show me, how you will connect HRM to reality and to the case, what is your application, write this and show me!!!)
Please, try your best to write this essay and, step by step, carefully read the case, required reading and PPT lecture that I upload, to have a better deep understand then you can start to write the essay.

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