My facilitation technique category is the therapeutic use of sports

My facilitation technique category is the therapeutic use of sports
1. Facilitation Technique category (the therapeutic use of sports)
2. Activity Title and Citation Source: Make sure you use APA format for the citation
3. Equipment and environment needed: List/describe the equipment and environment needed to conduct the activity
4. Activity Description: activity purpose, and instructions (step by step instruction on how to lead the activity from beginning to end). 5. Include details such as the number of participants, specific instructions to participants, and anything else someone unfamiliar with the activity will need to lead the activity.
6. Leadership Considerations: include information on how to brief, lead and debrief/process the activity. Also, you need to include the type of leadership, the proximity of the facilitator to participants, safety considerations, precautions, special rules, and discussion questions.
7. Adaptations: describe evidence-based activity adaptations 3 disabilities. Do not use the same disability groups for all activities. Do some research on Adaptations! I will look for adaptations that demonstrate research efforts (you have to cite literature/research). Don’t come up with ideas on your own. You can do research on the internet, books, professional journals, or speak to recreational therapists in the field.

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