2. How nanobiotechnology will work in agriculture

1. Recombinant vaccines used in agriculture
2. How nanobiotechnology will work in agriculture
3. Mycotechnology: the role of the fungi in biotechnology
4. Ethical concerns of agricultural biotechnology
5. Can a virus be used for biological warfare?
6. Use of microorganisms in the decomposition of food waste in the industry
7. Genetic modification of plant starches for food applications
8. Biotechnology in the wine industry
9. Using biotechnology to produce food enzymes
10. GMO Foods: What am I eating?
11. Biopharmaceutical research (choose a medicinal plant/animal product)
12. Applying biotechnology to plant growth hormones
13. Genetic engineering for developing disease resistance in plants
14. Genetic engineering for insect resistance
15. Tissue culture for developing virus free plants
17. Biotech crops for flooding and drought resistance
18. Biotechnology for remediation of heavy metal contamination in soils
19. Biotechnology for remediation of pesticide contamination in soils
20. Biotechnology for floriculture
21. Sperm Sexing and its application in livestock Sector
22. Embryo culture medium: which is the best?
23. Controversies in assisted reproductive Technologies: considerations and risks for
24. uninterrupted embryo culture
25. In vitro breeding: application of embryonic stem cells to animal production
26. Reproductive technologies in laboratory animals

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