Literature, Children’s Aesthetic and Developmental Needs

Discussion Forum 2-  Literature, Children’s Aesthetic and Developmental Needs
Length of Initial Post – 300-350 words
Read The Bat-Poet, a book by Randall Jarrell and Maurice Sendak (pages scanned in folder in this week’s Learning Module).
Read “Literature: What is It?” an essay by Rebecca Lukens.
Read “Aesthetic Development in Early Childhood,” an essay by Tawnya Eash.
Read “Child Development Needs,” an essay by Gerison Lansdown.
Post on Discussion Forum #2 (deadline for Initial post on Friday, Sept. 10, at 11:59 p.m.
Writing Prompt:
Read through the essays by Lukens, Eash, and Lansdown.  Reflect on their ideas in the light of your own life experiences, and of what you have observed in others.
Then, carefully compose a well-written, organized set of reflections to post in this week’s Discussion Forum.  In your reflections, engage with the following critical questions:
How important, in your view, is a child’s pleasure in reading a story?
How important is it that a child learn the “lesson” or “lessons” that the adult writers intends the child to learn?
In responding to these questions, do not neglect to reflect upon your own experiences growing up.  After all, our early experiences of reading and writing—both in school and at home—often shape our attitudes towards reading and its value.  Did you experience a tension between the reading you were required to do at school and the reading you wanted to do at home?

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