Is our modern technology interfering with or enhancing our ability to connect with other humans? In what ways is it interfering or enhancing?

Instructions Assignment 2: Research Paper In an organized, well-developed paper, address the following research question: Is our modern technology interfering with or enhancing our ability to connect with other humans? In what ways is it interfering or enhancing? Be sure to cite specific examples from your research. Remember that this is a research paper, so you will want to make your point and support it with at least three scholarly sources. Three quotes will need to be incorporated from your research, and all quotes should be cited both in-text and in the reference list. If you need help with organization, see the attached outline as a guide. Please be sure to watch the following tutorials: Characteristics of Scholarly Sources Using the LRC to Find Sources All sources need to be cited in-text and on your reference page. Be sure that your in-text citations are properly formatted using MLA. ASSIGNMENT OUTLINE CP English 2, Part 2 Below is an outline that you can use to help you structure and organize your paper. Ideally, all of your paragraphs should be 7-9 sentences. • Introduction (4-7 sentences) o Hook to capture your reader’s attention—direct quote, shocking fact or quote, anecdote (1-2 sentences) o Transition to thesis (1-2 sentences) o Thesis statement that takes a stance regarding whether technology is enhancing OR interfering with the human ability to connect. (1 sentence) o Preview statement that lists the main ideas of your paper (brief history of human’s relationship with technology, modern theory/social culture surrounding technology, etc). (1-2 sentences) Notes: Your thesis statement needs to be more detailed then “Technology is distracting.” • Body Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, and Paragraph 3—Strong reasons outlining how technology interferes OR enhances- 1 reason per paragraph (7-9 sentences) o Main idea/Topic sentence (1 sentence) o Evidence from your sources (1 sentence) o Analysis (explanation) of Textual evidence (2-3 sentences) o Link textual evidence to topic sentence and thesis (3-5 sentences) • Conclusion (5-9 sentences) o Restate your thesis (1 sentence) o Provide a commentary on the main ideas of your paper (3-5 sentences) o Offer a final observation of your paper and leave the reader with a final impression of how technology has impacted human ability to connect with one another. (2-3 sentences) Please note that NO GRADE WILL BE AWARDED if scholarly sources are not included in-text AND on your reference page since evidence of research is the key component of this assignment. *Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source and should not be used for this assignment! • The thesis statement is clear and focused. • The information is elaborated upon with relevant direct quotes from three or more scholarly sources. • The introduction clearly presents a main argument in relation to the prompt and draws the reader in. • The organization is logical and follows a consistent pattern for research. • The conclusion summarizes the ideas and draws a conclusion or offers an observation. • Words are lively, precise, and colorful. • The tone and voice are stylistically sophisticated and clearly appropriate to purpose and audience. • No personal pronouns are used in the paper. • Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are uniformly correct. • Grammar and usage are correct. • Paragraphing is correct and reinforces the organization. • Paper is correctly formatted using MLA • In-text citations and reference page are correctly formatted.

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