Ann Hodgman​“No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch

Authors read:
Kate Chopin​​“The Storm”
E.B. White​​“Once More to the Lake”
Ann Hodgman​“No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch”
Select one author and discuss the elements of style and structure as they relate to his/her purpose.
Use the following paragraph order and content:
Introduction (1 paragraph)
​​Author and title
​​Subject matter of author’s essay​
​​Purpose of author’s essay
Your paper’s thesis: Discussion of author’s purpose by analyzing elements of style and structure
(5 paragraphs, one on each element; give at least one citation for each)
​​1.  Order of subject matter presented
​​2.  Use of the 5 physical senses and/or psychological feelings
​​3.  Use of comparisons
​​4.  Role of the author in the essay
​​5.  Atmosphere
Conclusion (1 paragraph)
​​Your evaluation, including the following elements
​​Success of author in putting across his/her purpose
​​Your enjoyment or lack of enjoyment of the essay
​​Relationship or lack of it to anything in your life
​1000 words, approximately 3 pages (typed and double spaced)

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