Analyze how the class concepts were or were not used in the negotiation.

Examine a real life negotiation.
Analyze how the class concepts were or were not used in the negotiation.
During this week of Negotiation & Deal-Making, you will observe or participate in a real world negotiation. You may not use a negotiation you got on youtube, or a movie, or television. This MUST be something you participated in or observed directly. As part of the classmate-to-classmate digital conversation, you will describe the negotiation that you participated in or observed. This is not a case study.
Initial Post – DUE WEDNESDAY – Late policy applies (60%)
Please answer the following questions by copying and pasting the questions in the discussion post below.  Please answer each question by providing a minimum of a full paragraph per question:
What was the negotiation about and what happened?
What were the bargaining positions and underlying interests?
What communication styles were used?
What was one thing that went well in the process of the negotiation?
What was one thing that could have been improved upon?
Response Post – DUE SUNDAY – Late policy applies (40%)
Respond to one of your classmate’s posts by providing at least one paragraph specifically analyzing through thoughtful reflections one of their answers to the questions above.
As always, please refer to the important class information in FSO concerning the late policy, original work, grammar, punctuation and sentence construction.

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