What is the role of reading and literacy in your life?

What is the role of reading and literacy in your life? A literacy narrative is simply a text that makes some kind of argument about the writer’s experience with literacy (e.g., Baca’s “Coming into Language” and Keller’s “The Day Language Came into My Life”). There are two concepts with which you must be familiar in order to complete this assignment:
• literacy and
• discourse community.
Literacy, as we’re discussing in this class, involves being involved in and understanding a particular kind of communication. Examples include learning to read and write as a child (or alphabetic literacy), computer literacy, learning a second language, using “texting” shortcuts and many, many others.
A discourse community is a group of people who have something in common and, because of that shared aspect, also have a shared type of communication (i.e., literacy). Paul Roberts describes such communities in his essay, and Amy Tan traces her experiences with communication as a first-generation American in “Mother Tongue.” Examples could include people who play a particular sport, Star Wars fans, those who text, people who are computer literate or people who have a certain dialect.
For this assignment, you will choose a discourse community (MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS)of which you are a part and write about how you became literate in the kind of communication that allows you to be a part of that discourse community. The narrative is your experiences, but it is also about that community; you should balance your own concerns with those of the discourse community. You should also engage one of the assigned readings in your response. ***ASSIGNED READING IS PAUL ROBERTS SPEECH COMMUNITIES”*** WILL ATTACH
This is a personal essay, so feel free to use the word “I.” Remember, however, that you are arguing for the reader to sympathize with your point of view, so provide more than just broad and general opinion. Back up your opinions with specific explanations, logic, and examples. In addition, you should quote from or refer to one of the essays we’ve read in class to help contextualize your thoughts on language use. Cite appropriately using MLA.
You should have a thesis making a claim about your experiences with literacy. In order to keep your essay focused, brief, entertaining, and persuasive, know what your foundational opinion or argument is. The final draft should be at least 750 words.
The formal essays and ePortfolio will be graded utilizing the First Year Writing Grading Rubric. Be sure to review before submitting your work.

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