The Lonely, Good Company of Books

Using specific examples from Rodriguez’s “The Lonely, Good Company of Books,” respond to the following questions. Note: Choose one essay to respond to in the forum.
1. Find and clearly state the author’s thesis statement (the essay’s main idea in his or her own words). Provide a brief explanation of how your chosen statement cover the contents of the entire essay.
2. Evaluate the introduction in relation to the author’s main ideas. How does the author introduce his main ideas, and are those introductions effective? Is the author successful when attempting to hook you into the text? Why or why not? Because paragraph lengths vary, do not limit yourself to just the first paragraph in this assignment. Instead, some authors may spend a few paragraphs setting up their ideas.
3. Evaluate the conclusion in relation to the author’s main ideas and introduction. How does the author attempt to bring closure to his topic, and is the conclusion effective? Does the author actually conclude something? Similar to the introduction, do not limit yourself to only the final paragraph. Some authors will use multiple paragraphs to set up their concluding thoughts.

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