The difference between batterer intervention and anger management

I need the outline to be followed and if anything you feel that needs to be in just add to it.
The difference between batterer intervention and anger management;
To summarize the most up-to-date and relevant social science research on partner abuse and the basis for evidence-based practice. – Place some treatments that are recommended and others that are emerging and without scientific basis;
Understand the essential elements of treatment, as determined by clinical experience and research evidence. Parallel treatment (LDS and PTSD) – Safety Search (EBT) using the principles of safety. Motivational Interview questions to be used on the intake’
Prevention of relapses based on the mind;
Do not use – (MRT) why is that? How this treatmet has been base to other models of treatment of DV perpetrator.
Recommendations of parallel treatments for those involved in DV. (Parent training, SUD, Individual counseling).
Use effective and evidence-based approaches in working with individuals, groups, couples and families.
Anger management –
Better provide for survivor safety.
Program Components and Client Treatment Goals – The research literature suggests 5 important goals that counselors ought to help clients in achieving: Overcome Stress and Manage Emotions, Change Pro-Violent and Irrational Beliefs, Identify Unhealthy/Abusive Interaction Patterns
Acquire Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills, Overcome Mental Disorders and Past Trauma

Evidence-Based Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment

Safety planning and family support
stress management skills, •Individual Brain Change Plan, •Negative Effects of Domestic Violence on Self
Ethical concerns around treatment plan.
I need to use Brazil population as the end goal but we will use US and other world treatemetn plans. Is there something to consider arpund macho culture and patriachial. Waht about teratment for woman here? What works and what not.
Sent some articles but needs more.

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