Managing Diversity

Assignment: OB in Action Case Study—Managing Diversity
Managing diversity entails enabling people to perform up to their maximum potential. It focuses on changing an organization’s culture and infrastructure such that people provide the highest productivity possible.
—Kinicki (2021) p. 89
Consider this quote from your reading this week. If you were a manager, what challenges would you anticipate in realizing the aim of managing diversity as described by Kinicki? How might you begin to tackle changing patterns or practices within an organization that you recognized were limiting or excluding the potential of some employees?
For help in responding to the questions use the case study on managing diversity. For this Assignment, read and evaluate the case study provided by Kinicki (2021): “White, Male and Asian: The Diversity Profile of Technology Page 157”.
By Day 7
Submit a 400- to 700-word paper that evaluates affirmative action and managing diversity in the LeasePlan business case. In your paper, you must do the following:
Use the 3-Step Problem Solving Approach to Organizational Behavior:
Step 1: Define the Problem (Use Figure 4.6 to describe the inputs, processes and outcomes (answer A-D).
Step 2: Identify the causes of the lack of diversity. Review the Processes and Outcomes boxes to identify the causes. Answer (A-D).
Step 3: Make recommendations after identifying the problems and the causes (Answer A-C).
Support your thinking with details from the case study and other materials from the text as well as relevant articles. Cite all resources using appropriate APA format and style..

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