leadership qualities.

It is now your chance to analyze your leadership qualities. Take the quiz regarding the Big 5 Personality factors. (Links to an external site.)
Then answer the following questions:
What were your results for each of the 5 personality traits? Summarize in your own words (do not simply copy/paste).
Do you agree with your results? Why or why not?
Based on your analysis, do you believe that you would make a good leader? Explain.
What other traits [at least 2] do you believe you possess which would make you a good leader that were left out of the analysis?
What traits [at least 2] do you feel that you need to improve upon in order to make yourself a more effective leader?
Your assignment should be at least 300 words in length. Please number your responses to ensure that all of your responses are graded correctly. Remember to use professional writing- (i.e., writing in complete sentences with correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.) Your responses to each question should contain sufficient detail and reference concepts from the lesson.

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