In the preceding five modules we have covered many different periods (and styles) of architectural history. These included: Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic. For each I provided examples of the most “famous and influential” structures for each period/style (of course, there were a few that were just visually interesting). Most scholars would agree with a majority of my choices, however now it’s your turn to add your selection to the list. You have been exposed to a variety of sources in this course and there must have been at least one structure that you thought should have been included, so your assignment is to identify that structure.
Your assignment is to identify one structure that was built during the time periods covered in the preceding five modules that you believe should have been included in my list of famous and influential structures but wasn’t – don’t repeat a structure I have included in the modules. Do NOT include any structures from Ancient America (pre-1500), Asia, or Islam as these will be covered in module 8. For your structure prepare a short text entry describing the following about the structure:
Description of the structure – i.e. The Jones Cathedral in Cerritos, CA (list Architect, if known).
What style is the structure and was it influential or influenced by other structures and how?
What is unique about the structure and what made you choose it to add to the list of famous and influential structures?
Add a link to a picture so the entire class can be amazed.
Your grade for this discussion will be dependent on how much thought your response shows. You can not choose the same structure as other students. There are no definite right or wrong choices here, as everyone has different opinions, however there are less than college level statements that you could use – let’s provide thoughtful answers. If you respond with a structure that was included in the modules or that another student has responded with or is not in the time periods covered in the preceding five modules – you will receive a score of “0”. Resubmittals are not allowed so make sure you follow the instructions.
Note that the discussion will be available for a week after the due date so you can review (and comment) on other student responses. Any submittals after the due date will not be graded so make sure you turn yours in on-time. To receive full credit you must post a thoughtful reply to TWO other student responses.
Other students will appreciate your responses and will hopefully reciprocate. Remember to practice good discussion techniques:
Respond with thoughtful answers – you may want to create your responses in a word processor, check your spelling and punctuation, and then save the document as a plain text file before copying and pasting your response in this discussion.
All students (and the instructor) will be able to view your responses, so they should be mindful and respectful of others opinions. Inappropriate responses will be deleted.
This is a graded discussion, so before posting take a moment to reflect on your response before submitting.

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