Cloud Computing Smart Connected Cities to fight virus outbreaks like Covid-19

I am in my final year of PhD and the dissertation topic that has been approved is the above. I am looking for someone who would help me with my dissertation.
Sharing some more details about the topic:
Research Methodology: Quantitative
Population to Address:
Any/all connected communities that have a daily work culture and lifestyle. This solution would be implementable to smart cities as well as sparsely populated rural areas throughout the world. While each community is unique, appropriate mitigation strategies vary based on the level of community transmission, characteristics of the community and their populations, and the local capacity to implement strategies. Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of this COVID-19 and other future viruses, spread awareness and up-to-date information across communities through appropriate technologies.
Proposed Topic:
As my PhD is in Information Technology, I have identified “Cloud Computing Smart Connected Cities to fight virus outbreaks like Covid-19” as my topic. Introduction Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) has been introduced recently to the world offering a wide scope of gadgets to help an assorted arrangement of uses. With pervasive Internet, associated sensors and actuators, systems administration and correspondence innovation alongside man-made consciousness (AI), shrewd digital actual frameworks (CPS) offer types of assistance delivering help and comfort to people in their everyday lives.
Theoretical background:
Access Control and Security, Information Governance, Operations Security, Security Architecture and Design, Application Security
Attaching Initial Proposal and Chapter 2 submitted a while ago to the university.
Requests related to Dissertation:
Support for the next 3 semesters that would span the dissertation – For Chapter 2 and 3
Dissertation Chapters 1-3 should be 75-125 pages (40 pages of that is from Chapter 2), references 100-125 in APA format Double spaced
Regular sync and check-up during the semester for other assignments that would be related to dissertation.

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