analyze an online art exhibition or, alternatively, a museum or gallery art exhibition of your choice.

In this assignment, you will explore and analyze an online art exhibition or, alternatively, a museum or gallery art exhibition of your choice.
Find out here What is an Online Art Exhibition? Reviewing an online art exhibitionwill give you a glimpse into the principles and strategies that guide the organization of an actual art museum exhibition, into the featured artworks, and into the ideas and information used to give meaning to the artworks exhibited. Analyzing an online exhibition will further expose you to art and encourage you to learn more about it.
Alternatively, you may visit an art exhibition. Visiting and analyzing a museum or art gallery exhibition in person will allow you to perceive the organization of the exhibition in real space, where you can contemplate works of art in physical relation to each other and to yourself. Direct exposure to artworks allows you to see yourself in physical relation to them–in terms of scale, for example–and to directly observe the application of materials and execution of techniques.
Regardless of which type of art exhibition you choose to focus on–online or museum/gallery–these are the learning objectives of this assignment:
Demonstrate an understanding of how art is presented to the public by analyzing an online art exhibition or an art museum exhibition.
Demonstrate skill in analyzing individual works of art by using terminology learned in Units 2, 3, and 4.
Demonstrate your identity in this course by recording a video of yourself presenting the assignment.
Read Online Art Exhibition Choices and choose an online art exhibition. Alternatively, you may visit an art museum exhibition in your area. If you are interested in this option, review Visiting an Art Museum or Gallery in Person.
If you chose an online exhibition, navigate through your chosen exhibition website. Read all included texts, watch videos, and explore other resources. If you chose an art museum exhibition, walk through the exhibition and observe the organization and display of the art in space, and read the wall texts.
Then answer each of the following questions about the exhibition overall:
What is the main idea or theme of the exhibition? What are viewers supposed to take away from the show?
What does the museum say is important about the artworks on display?
For an online art exhibition: How is the exhibition website designed? Does the website design reflect the main idea or theme of the exhibition? How?
For an art museum exhibition: How is the exhibition space designed? Does the design of the space reflect the main idea or theme of the exhibition? How?
Is there an exhibition catalogue online or available in print? Are there other informational materials? Describe them.
In your opinion, how could the exhibition–either online or art museum–have been designed more effectively to impact the viewer?
Then, select three artworks to analyze and answer these questions for each of them:
Why did you select this artwork? What is more interesting about it in your opinion?
What elements and principles of art stand out in this work of art? (Use the terms learned in Unit 2).
What medium or materials are used in the work of art? How is the work valuable? (Use the terms learned in Units 2 and 3).
How would you describe this artwork using the stylistic terms from Unit 4: Describing Art?
Why did the exhibition include this artwork? How does it relate to the main idea of the show?
How does this artwork relate to the other artworks on display that you selected? What are the similarities and what are the differences among them?
Review this Example: Analysis of an Online Art Exhibition to better understand what is expected.
Assignment Format:
Answer all the questions above, for the exhibition itself and for each of your 3 artworks, in a single document. Use as many words as needed to completely answer all the questions.
Sources: This is an analytical–rather than research–assignment.
If you focus on an online art exhibition, your only resources should be the online exhibition website and the textbook (Units 2-4).
Alternatively, if you focus on a museum or art gallery exhibition, your only sources should be your observations of the exhibition itself, any educational materials you find in the exhibition space, and the textbook (Units 2-4).
When using ideas from your sources, you should paraphrase–that is, use your own words to communicate ideas taken from a source. Any text taken directly (or word-by-word) from a source should be minimal (no more than 5% of the total word count), and it must be contained within quotation marks (“…”) to indicate it is a direct quotation. Taking any amount of text from any source without using quotation marks constitutes plagiarism.
Include reproductions of the three works of art you chose to analyze and identify them. Use these instructions to format the image identifications and source: Citing Online Artworks and Museums in MLA format.
Upload your document to the assignments folder.
Criteria on which you will be graded:
Your thoughtful, substantial, and specific descriptions and analysis – plagiarism will not be tolerated
Your accurate use of terms and concepts from Units 2, 3, and 4
Your ability to follow the instructions and the format of the example question and answers provided

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