the consumption of luxury goods

the topic above is a general idea for my hypothesis. My main focus is on conspicuous consumption, specifically the consumption of luxury goods. However I have been unable to find data on the individual level about consumption preferences/history so the overall topic can vary based on the available data. This paper is my senior economics thesis. The overall goal of the research project is to “identify” a causal relationship, either in pursuit of the sign (is it negative or positive) or the magnitude (how negative or how positive). In order to do so, you need to first generate a “testable hypothesis”. That is an hypothesis for which estimation is possible.
I’ve attached some pdfs of relevant papers that could be used in the literature review, these are a suggestion any other papers you choose to use are fine as long as they are economic academic articles/papers. I’ve also included a sample paper (titled: instructions – sample paper) that acts as a guideline for the specific requirements of each section, just to give you an idea of the structure.
Please include all relevant data files and .do files
Formatting requirements:
1. 12 pt font, double spaced, and ONLY Times New Roman
2. Make sure you have centered page numbers (no other footers/headers)
3. In-text citations are required and footnotes are encouraged. Reference list should be APA style.
4. Be sure to label your tables (Table 1:…; Table 2:…) and figures (Figure 1:…; Figure 2:…)
5. Need title page with Title, Name, and an Abstract.
6. Label and number each paper section. 1. Introduction; 2. Literature Review; 3. Pre-estimation Discussion (however titled); etc.

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