Streaming Solution (Sports Media) USL League Two Business Operations Proposal

Title: Streaming Solution (Sports Media) USL League Two Business Operations Proposal
(Best Camera for soccer streaming+cost effective…consistent throughout league…. Starting with the minimal standard for consistent stream look!!!
Logistics behind two camera set up for soccer.
Any outside supporting research must be referenced using APA.
In searching for a business plan and proposal to better position the USL League Two broadcast operations during my time as the Video Analyst extern, I recognized the need for new minimal standard requirements that would prompt consistent streaming procedures from each team video content staff. While interning for the league, I faced some early challenges handing out disciplines and executing other parts of my job because it was extremely difficult to hold clubs accountable when the quality of the footage was being exported to our streaming partner MyCujoo and Elevensports were lacking in uniformity. Some clubs made the process seamless by streaming with the right logistics in place to produce a high-quality stream while others made my workflow complicated at times dues to late submission, poor camera quality, or angle.
After some in-house research and deep breakdown of the 2021 USL League Two streaming numbers me and my director Chris Madden concluded and made recommendations that direct “live-streaming” from each home team should be a mandate subject to fines going into next season. By streaming directly to the platform the league’s next video analyst can run through game footage and hand out disciplines at a faster pace. Mandating live-streaming as a part of my streaming solution should give the marketing and content departments enough quality video content for goals and saves of the week or month. The season data also revealed that of the 463 games played this season 428 were streamed on the MyCujoo platform making for an impressive 93%. Despite being in the 90 percentile, teams often filed to submit films within the 72-hour deadline, and many times the footage quality was bad.
Over my time in the league operations meeting room, we had a very little conversation on how we can get each game to have the same video quality for our broadcast partner. In turn, I recommend the implementation of the new league’s minimum broadcasting standards. This plan for video operations will incentivize teams to live-stream along with positioning the master camera to where at least two-third to a half of the field is being shown at all times depending on possession.
The transition being recommended for the 2022 season would improve the efficiency of the league’s video operations. The proposed business plan attacks and could provide a new digital media solution. The ideal and mock setup proposed to Chris came from the two-camera and sometimes three cameras set used at Shaw Field for BIG EAST Digital Network soccer games. I experienced handling and troubleshooting streams through Wirecast at Georgetown. This new strategy will increase streaming efficacy and broadcast quality as well as enhance the USL’s League Two brand perception. The guidelines will amplify the play of the USL league two players and provide great product placement for league members. These renewed minimum standards for streaming could elevate game presentation and display uniformity. The league and member clubs could attract and leverage new media rights partnerships and sponsorships as a result.

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