Lola Rennt

Choose a movie from Lola Rennt, Playtime, Cameraperson, and Rafiki.
Write an analytical film essay that explores a topic of your choice. Topics should either be formal or contextual. These are described in Corrigan and White(Author’s name of the textbook, I copied a section and attached it below). Formal topics include character, narrative, or stylistic analysis. Contextual topics include cultural analysis only. Do not choose a comparative topic because this will not work for a 1500 words paper.
Please note that:
Your paper should include a close analysis of at least one or two sequences. This analysis will provide evidence to support your thesis.
You should focus on the film and its analysis. You will not need outside reading for this assignment. If you choose to write a cultural analysis, you might need to read/cite outside sources and you should refer to Corrigan and White. In this case, you will also need to provide citations according to the 17th Chicago Manual of Style (Links to an external site.).
Formal Requirements for Paper:
1500 words — not significantly more or less.
Size 11 or 12 font
Double space, page numbered
Your name, TA’s name, section time at top of page.
Underline or italicize film titles

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