Introductory Speech

Introductory Speech—Introduce Yourself– Speech #1
You will introduce yourself to the class. After you feel that you have gathered enough information about yourself, you will then need to prepare a 3 to 5 minute speech. Your speech should include an attention getter/introduction, a body (the information you have gathered), and a clear conclusion (this does not mean “and that’s it”). Get as creative as you want—you may want to write a poem, song, short story, personal ad, news story, etc. – whatever inspires you.
Submit your introductory speech notes to complete this assignment.
You may use the following ideas to gather information, but feel free to stray from the list and create your own questions. Only share what you are comfortable sharing. Be creative and have fun with this assignment.
*Answers are in parentheses for your information when writing the speech.
–Full Name (Casey Lamar Stafford)
–Siblings (None)
–Nick Name (how did you get it?) (Rook, I got it by being the youngest teacher on my grade level)
–Birthday (July 24, 1992)
–Honors/Achievements/Awards (2014 student teacher of the year at Gardner-Webb University)
–Birthplace (Shelby, NC)
–Hometown (Kings Mountain, NC)
–Pet Peeves (Being late)
–Hobbies/Interests/Favorites (Collecting John Deere collectable tractors)
–Something Unique or Unusual about you (I am getting a second BAchelor’s degree. My first Bachelors’s degree is in elementary education and now I am going to get my bachelor’s degree in finance)
–What brought you to Western Carolina University? (The online finance program)
-Sports (Football, baseball, racing)
-TV Shows (The Office)
–Habits (good and bad) (I have a bad habit of eating snacks late at night)
-Movies/Books (The Harry Potter books and movies)
–Habitat (where do you live?) (Kings Mountain, NC)
–Most Embarrassing Moment (Falling in the mud in middle school)
–Most Memorable/Exciting Moment (Visiting Las Vegas for the first time)
-Travel/Place to Visit (Any cruise to a tropical island)
– Favorite Color (Carolina blue)
-Place to Shop (Vineyard Vines)

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