diabetes in south asian american immigrants

Please note: I included a previous assignment “BHTP assignment__send to” for reference. DO NOT copy the text within that assignment. It would be considered plagiarism. It’s just for reference.
Health Communication Campaign Assignment Instructions:
Topic: type 2 diabetes in south asian american immigrants
– physical activity health communication promotion campaign
– healthy eating
Write a 5 page executive summary/brief outlining the campaign strategy. This brief should include the follow sections:
Provide a general rationale for the need of a health campaign for this issue in the anticipated population. Use the database tools we discuss in class to help support this need.
Articulate a specific set of campaign goals.
Provide a brief review of the existing research from the academic literature on the health issue for a specific subpopulation. For instance, if you were designing a campaign designed to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) among teenage mothers you would need briefly review the research on SIDs as well as the research on teenage mothers in particular.
Provide a brief review of the theoretical model underlying your campaign approach. For instance, your campaign use a fear appeal approach or the Health Belief Model. Whatever the case, you need to describe the major components of the theory that will be used in your campaign.
Based on the review, provide a summary of the overall campaign strategy.
Identify your evaluation strategy to evaluate your campaign post implementation.
As an appendix, include 4-5 sample artifacts that would be used in your campaign were it to be implemented. Artifacts could include web page mock-ups, sample social media posts, newsletter, pamphlets, commercial scripts, press releases, etc.

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