Clinical Question

Clinical Question Paper- Assignment
Think of clinical question you are interested in and want to learn more about. Consider what you already know and what additional information you need to answer the clinical question. Summarize the question you developed. Example: Should ibuprofen be used exclusively for pediatric patients with fevers? In this example you have existing knowledge that a combination of antipyretics is used to bring down a fever but want to determine if using ibuprofen exclusively is effective.
Go to the Albany State University Library site and conduct a literature review. Use several of the databases available. Identify the databases and search words you would use. Example: CINAHL, Cochran, Ebsco Host, etc.
Describe how many returns (articles) you received for each database? There are times when a specific topic will have thousands of articles. You cannot read all of these so how do you organize this data? What criteria did you use to organize the data from your search? Did you sort by years? Peer-reviewed? Specific type of journal? Describe your search process. Be specific.
Relate how you would take the information from this literature search and turn it into useable knowledge.
Write a 2 to 3 page (not including title page and reference page) paper using APA guidelines. The paper must also include a title page, an introduction, a purpose statement (The purpose of this paper is….), a conclusion, and a reference page. Example headings to include in your paper: Research question; Data search; Information and knowledge; Conclusion
Review the sample student paper as a guide.

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