Analyze health policy and the policy-making process.

Objectives: Analyze health policy and the policy-making process.
Explore how to impact one’s community.
Explore the literature and support your ideas with scholarly sources/supporting literature.
1. Pick an issue of concern related to your community.
2. Complete the Proposed Template for Legislation: template for proposed legislation.pdf
This will be helpful in organizing your letter. Post the letter and completed template in the dropbox.
2. Write a letter to your local or state representatives expressing your concern.
Address the following information in your letter:
Explain why it is concerning
Who does it affect and why
What would you base the plan/proposal/initiative on (Facts to support)
Follow the Rubric and use the following recommended heading to help organize your paper:
Issue- Why it is concerning
Impact- Who does it affect
Proposed Initiative
The narrative should be 1-3 pages with at least 3 scholarly references that support your ideas.
APA 7th edition format is mandatory for references
Include at least three scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals, no older than 3 yrs old.
Prepare a reference list of all resources and websites used in your research using APA 7 guidelines (please note: If you include them in your reference list, you must cite the source in your paper) ~
No abstract needed
Limit of 1 direct quotation with no more than 18 words
PLEASE Use headings/subtitles to organize your content

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