Prisoners and COVID

Prisoners and COVID Essay: Spatt Chapter 6
Write an argument essay of three or more pages that answers the following research question:
Should inmates be released from prison if extenuating circumstances, like a global pandemic, render prisons unsafe?
Your essay must use at least three of the following sources:
“To Protect Missourians, Release Missouri Prisoners”
“Releasing Nonviolent Inmates During the Coronavirus Crisis is the Humane Thing to Do”
“Coronavirus Makes Jail and Prisons Potential Death Traps. That Puts Us All in Danger”
“In Italy, Some Fear the Virus Is a Get-Out-of-Jail Card for Mafiosi”
“Prisoners Deserve Attention to Health, but Not Mass Release”
“Stop Releasing Convicts Because of Coronavirus”
Is the essay on
Is the essay 3-4 pages long?
Does the essay have a works cited page?
Features of This Argument Essay:
Introduction download includes background, context, AND/OR purpose; thesis is the last sentence.
Examples download of three introduction paragraphs.
Thesis download is an assertion that is focused and debatable.
Body paragraphs download begin with topic sentences and end with concluding sentences.
Argument download includes claims, evidence, and warrants in body paragraphs.
Example download essay outline for a multiple-source argument.
Quotations download and paraphrases download have signal phrases and citations.
How to quote online sources.
Counter-argument download includes concessions and refutations.
MLA Style:
Does the essay follow MLA formatting guidelines?
Is the works cited page adequately formatted with few or no errors?

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