Data Analysis Report

Data Analysis Report (in MS Word)
Open the Excel spreadsheet and familiarize yourself with the raw data.
Open a new Word document (blank), and create at least Three (3) full pages (single-spaced, font size=12) report addressing the following:
Add the following information on the first page’s top-left corner of the report:
DDDM II Culminating Project Report
Interpret the data and listed in three (3) paragraphs on:
what kind of data is available?
what can it be used for, and?
what is the purpose of each column, etc.
Make a list of at least 10 questions that could be answered by utilizing the data set.
Fully discuss the details of this data set – Express the results (Charts/Diagrams with explanation) after Part 2 Excel Data Analysis Report.
Student need to fully discuss in detail the results in 2018 & 2019 individually, and the comparison between 2018 & 2019 that are related to:
Monthly Sales Overview
Top 10 Customers
Top 10 Products
8 Product Categories
Top 10 Regions
Also, include the Recommendations/Suggestions
The fully discuss should be written in Six (6) paragraphs.
Save this report (in .docx format) with your name included in the file name.

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