Breast Cancer

Module 7 Final Exam
Breast Cancer is what I chose. – The instructor asks us to explain why we chose our disease. I chose breast cancer because it runs in my family. My mother, grandmother, and two aunts have passed away from breast cancer. My older sister is currently in remission a second time with being diagnosed with breast cancer. I myself have had my doctor suggest that I get genetically tested to see what my chances of having breast cancer may be. However, I’m afraid to find out what it may be. I had a biopsy a couple years ago and the test was normal.
Instructions for this assignment:
Perform a literary search on a disease/illness of your choice.
Once you have chosen a disease you will compose an 800-1000-word paper of this disease/illness. You should prepare this in APA format times new roman 12-point font. Locate the attached formatted academic paper template for your use. This file is already formatted and you only need to download, save, and then open and began typing directly into it.
Please include the following I your paper:
Title page
Introductory paragraph which should include clear purpose statement and why you chose this disease
Name of disease/illness
Morbidity rate
Treatment (Be sure to include any controversies pertaining to treatment modalities if applicable)
Nursing care
Prevention if possible
Current research underway
Any other pertinent or interesting information
Conclusion Paragraph
Reference page
Please review the assignment rubric before you begin. This assignment must include a minimum of three scholarly sources to support your writing. Added is an formatted academic paper for you use.
Grading Criteria:
This assignment will be graded using the BSN assignment grading rubric located within the grading criteria module. This is your final exam for this course which is 20% of your overall grade for this course. This assignment is worth 100 points.
Learning Outcomes:
Identify nursing research related to pathophysiological processes of major systems
Analyze clinical data to predict usual clinical manifestations of common disorders
Provide rationale for interventions use to correct given physiological deficit
Predict consequences of interventions for common disorders

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