A Study on improving the market position of TROX Technik Middle East in the MEA region”

This is my final year Business Project Proposal.
I have selected the title of my final year MBA project as “A Study on improving the market position of TROX Technik Middle East in the MEA region”.
As a newly appointed MD, I will deeply explore how to navigate this well-renowned HVAC industrial leader to improve its weak position in a rather fragmented and complex MEA region by looking at value creation and value capture and utilise various synergies/approaches available.
With a new JV factory in Egypt with AL Manzalawi which I will be leading and I need to bring new products and synergy between the teams in Dubai and Cairo.
Structure of the report’s Proposal:
Your report should be no longer than 2,000 words.
There is no formal structure, however it important to cover the following areas:
• Context (e.g. a brief review of the literature)
• Research Methodology (e.g. research philosophy, approach and strategy)
• Research Aims and Objectives (e.g. what do you want to achieve and how are you going to achieve it)
• Research Questions (e.g. what are the research questions you are going to answer) Qualitative and Quantitative questionnaires
– Develop a business plan that we will work for both entities
 -Improve sales and marketing
-Improve Production lines
– Synergy (cost cutting) between the new factory and the sales office in Dubai
– Best countries to expand into
– Are we suited to go Direct or through Distribution Channels
– Financing the launches by having the correct CAPEX forms
– Add more as you see it suitable…
• Methods (describe, explain, and justify the research method you have chosen):
• Research design
• Data collection
• Sample size
• Ethics
• Timescale (put in a Gant Chart with the final project submittal Jan 3rd 2022)
• References
• Appendix
– A (Ethics Form to be attached here)
I have attached Examples

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