Why might an organization opt to choose one SDLC over another?

This reflection activity is comprised of two sections collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts.
SLDC Comparison
Projects are unique by nature, and organizations each have their own specific needs when it comes to managing systems projects. In addition, there is never a superior SDLC methodology, but rather SDLCs that will fit certain projects better than others.
Reflect on Agile and Waterfall SDLCs. Compare and contrast as you have experienced them in your organization or might experience them in an organization of your choosing. From a management perspective, answer the following questions:
Why might an organization opt to choose one SDLC over another?
Can an organization make use of both types of SDLCs? Why or why not?
Project Requirements
​​​​​​​Well-defined business requirements are essential building blocks to any system project. If requirements are not written well, the input to design and development phases will be poor. However, well-written requirements will lead to a much better project outcome in relation to stronger designs and system solutions.
Reflect on the projects you have worked on or managed and answer the following questions:
What are two key attributes to well-written requirements?
How do these attributes impact the quality of requirements?
How might you assess system requirements based on these attributes?

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