What is a Narrative Essay?

Assignment: For this writing assignment, you will write an essay about an incident or experience in your life that has meant something to you or made an impact on your life. Choosing a very specific place or time will help you write the essay. Develop the essay with details that will demonstrate the significance of your experience.
How long should it be?
2-4 pages, typed, double spaced, standard margins, 12 -point font (preferably Times New Roman. Remember to add a title, headers on each page, and a name block on the first page.
What is a Narrative Essay?
“Narrative” means telling what happened. An essay is different from a story in that the narrative in the essay is a tool that’s used to make a point. It’s pretty likely that you will not discover the point until you have spent some time working on it.
What makes a good personal narrative?
A good personal narrative will take the reader step by step through the experience.
A good personal narrative uses the senses to describe things. The reader wants to smell, touch, taste, hear and see the story unfold.
A good personal narrative incorporates dialogue and metaphors along with good sensory description.
A good personal narrative doesn’t have to be 100 percent
truthful. If bending the truth effectively enhances part of the experience, then that’s ok.
Also adding dialogue!!

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