statistical data analysis and data interpretation on spss

Writing chapters 4 & 5 for a doctoral dissertation.
I need statistical data analysis and data interpretation on spss. I have the survey responses in excel. 50 questions with 84 responses, 7 refused to participate and opt-out and 9 didn’t answer on a sample size of 100.
The main survey is Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) with 33 questions Likert scale. Other questions are 6 demographics and 9 Sales performance questions. In the response sheet, there are 2 tabs with sales performance evaluation. one is based on industry standards, and the second is based on company standards. Industry one is for all sales forces no matter what level they are, The company is for the company sales goal for 12 months for each sales level separated.
Statistical Analysis should include the following: (Please add if required but follow Chapter 4 guideline as a base):
1-Demographic profile of respondents with the frequency of response with graphs
2-The scale reliability (Cronbach’s alpha)
3-Validity for the scales
4-Pearson’s correlation
5-Data interpretation for all results?
6-Tables and figures will with the statistical interpretation
7-Descriptive analysis of the questions
8-Hypothesis testing
In the data file, you can see there are green questions on top: 5,28,33 they require different scoring. (reverse Coding) The explanation is mentioned in the chapter 3 attachment.
Regarding the EI scale with 33 questions, Please Don’t separate the testing or scoring based on the dimensions you will notice in the data.
I will attach the referenced survey and its link, a survey sent to participants link, both chapters 4 & 5 outlines and what should be covered, and chapter 3 that highlights the main requirements for Chapter 4 like the methodology, research questions, and hypotheses. I will attach the full proposal after I’m done editing but for now I’m attaching related studies that use the same survey and approach.
Both chapters should follow APA style with accurate citation and referencing.
Survey sent to participants:
Survey Reference:

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