Promoting vaccinations among children

Students will put everything they’ve learned through this course in this final communication plan. The Communication Plan should including the following sections. Be sure to format your paper in the following order and label each section with the following titles:
Topic: Topic: Promoting vaccinations among children
• Overview and introduction
• Applicable behavior change and communication theories being used in this campaign
• Communications goal(s)
• Target audience(s): Target Audience: Primary: Vaccine-hesitant parents 1. Parents with children ages 0-5, who have concerns about the safety of vaccines, but are not adamantly, decided against vaccinating their child Secondary: Core influencers of vaccine-hesitant parents 1. Parents who vaccinated their children 2. Healthcare Providers 3. Pediatricians 4. Media 5. Policymakers.
• Key message(s) – remember, key messages are not paragraphs or citations. Rather, they are 1 sentence messages of what you want your audience to know. Be sure to use language appropriate to your target audience.
• Alternative perspectives
• Data/research/evidence to support campaign and sources
o Implementation timeline for a layered campaign
o Evaluation metrics (What does success look like? How would you pre-test your campaign? How would you measure reach?)
o Budget
o Hard costs/Out-of-pocket costs
• Indirect rate
o Ideas for next phase(s) of the campaign
o Appendix with asset mock-ups

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