In your opinion, what may be causing greater and greater demand for seafood over time?

1. In your opinion, what may be causing greater and greater demand for seafood over time?
2. Can you think of a few reasons why it is difficult to create quotas and enforce them on a global scale?
3. Other than the need as a source of protein/food, why don’t we just leave fish in the ocean?
4.What does the process of photosynthesis use, require, and produce? How is this process different from chemosynthesis?
5. What is primary productivity? Where in the ocean is there HIGH productivity? What about LOW productivity?
6. How much biomass is transferred to the next trophic level in a food chain?
7. How do limiting factors (sunlight and nutrients) impact the primary productivity for the tropical and polar regions during each season?
8. Which marine zone (benthic zone OR pelagic zone) has more known species of marine organisms?
•What are a few intertidal zone challenges? What are some benthic adaptations?•What organisms would typically find specifically in low-, middle-, and high-tide zones?
9. What type of human-caused pollution contributes the most to the ocean?
10. explain how different types of pollution affect ocean life:–Heavy Metals (e.g., mercury  methyl mercury) –Fertilizers (Cause huge algal blooms, which release toxins harmful to humans and ecosystems and create huge “dead zones” in the ocean)
11. Explain why warmer ocean waters due to human-caused climate change has led to disproportionate impacts on communities that depend heavily on fish stocks.
12. What is climate justice? How is this concept different than climate change?
13. What is the equation for pH? –If there is a higher concentration of hydron ions ([H+]), how does that impact the acidity of ocean water and the pH?

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