Human Immunodeficiency Virus Endemic in Kenya, in pregnant women

For this assignment write a letter to a non-governmental organization (NGO). (Note: You are not required to choose an actual NGO. You will be provided information to use for the purpose of this assignment.
In this letter you will:
Introduce yourself
Introduce/explain the identified health issue (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Endemic in Kenya, in pregnant women)(see attached-M1A4 for reference)
State your recommendation(s) for how to address the health issue
Request specific support and/or sponsorship to address the health issue
Create a business letter to an NGO that is active in the country/community selected in Module 1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Endemic in Kenya)(see attached-M1A4 for reference).
You will be using the NGO information we provide rather than researching an actual NGO. The Purdue OWL website has a section entitled Writing a Business Letter.
You are writing to request resources to address the identified health issue in the country/community chosen in Module 1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Endemic in Kenya, in pregnant women)(see attached-M1A4 for reference).
You will:
1. Write the letter to the individual/organization identified below. Keep in mind that your reader has a doctoral degree in business and a graduate degree in public health.
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Explain why you are writing and your concern about the identified health issue that you chose in Module 1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Endemic in Kenya, pregnant women)(see attached-M1A4 for reference).
4. Acknowledge your awareness of past/current funding (see below) and clearly state your request and how the funds will be used.
5. Be persuasive in your explanation of why you need the support, how the NGO’s mission is connected to your project, and how the NGO’s financial assistance will support the plan to address the health issue.
6. End with a strong closing paragraph.
The letter is to be constructed as a block format business letter (see the link). Do not assume that all errors will be identified in the feedback provided. It is the student’s responsibility to proof the letter to ensure that the letter meets the assignment guidelines.
Refer to Rubric for evaluation guidelines.
NGO Information to Use in Letter
Name and address of the NGO is:
Creating Space for Life
Mary Phillips, Executive Director
5555 Fifty-first Street
Plain City, NJ 01012
Mission of the NGO: Reaching the poorest of the poor in developing countries in order to educate, heal, and empower.
The NGO has funded projects in the chosen country previously but not within the past three years. The last funded project was for a chronic disease prevention project and was funded at the $75,000 level.
Not much is known about the governing board, but the executive director ran a large hospital system before joining the NGO. She has a PhD in business and a master’s in public health (MPH).
Although it is unlikely that a business letter would include reference citations, this one will. Cite at least two (2) articles and use at least one source that is not course material.
Remember that all references, regardless of the assignment, must follow APA 7th edition format.
Other helpful resources include:
Arntfield M., & Johnston J. (2016) Healthcare writing: A practical guide to professional success. Broadview Press. Chapter 2: pp. 29-43

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