Chanda Yvette Lassiter

I failed a few classes due to chemo therapy and just could not maintain. No matter how hard I pushed I just couldn’t pass my classes. I have to write essay in order to finish my last two classes.
I have included the guidelines for your Admissions Committee letter below. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Your letter to the Admissions Committee should be written in essay form. There is no required minimum length for each section, but you should fully address the following:
Your full name: Chanda Yvette Lassiter
The program and specialization (if necessary) to which you are applying Bachelors Healthcare Administration
Professional goals: To become an administrator
Academic experience: GED, Associate, Medical Assistant, bachelor
Research experience (If you have no research experience, you must state this in a complete sentence.)
Work/other experience work for Medi Home Hospice as an office manager
Personal qualities
Why Walden?
Reason the file needs to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee (poor academic performance, for example)
How you plan to be successful at Walden if you’re admitted

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