the literature surrounding the use of social media as the main medium for marketing during the covid-19 pandemic in the region of Asia.

A systematic review that requires 2,500 more words and 6 more references. DO NOT MAKE A NEW ESSAY, please ADD to this essay based on the feedback below: -Review and refine the “flow” making sure that every section is logical including your introduction in order to facilitate good understanding. -Please be more clear in relation to the overall aim, objectives and methodology of your paper. -Additionally, you have considered overall different items of literature and appraised them in good detail but they need more clarity and details in relation to the rationale of your literature review and methods followed. -You have identified some gaps and themes in the literature which can be presented in a more appropriate/academic manner. The Harvard referencing style needs some review as it is faulty in some places. Also, please make sure that there is not missing any evidence (references) in-text. Additional comments for your paper include: – “in text” references – make sure that these include page numbers only when directly quoting, if it is the case – graphs/charts if it is case including comment in-text related to them – what is left? Extra comments in general: make sure that you have a logical “flow” for the overall paper, ensure good use of professional fonts (and font size) as well as effective paragraph spacing (to aid clarity). Consider the use of headings and sub-headings. TOPIC: This paper will examine the literature surrounding the use of social media as the main medium for marketing during the covid-19 pandemic in the region of Asia. It will present the synopses of various publications and will identify recurring themes and common ideas within the literature which will be used to provide a rationale that explains the inclination towards the use of social media for marketing during covid-19. The paper will further identify factors that contribute to the decision to opt for social media marketing during covid-19 as well as recognize gaps in knowledge when it comes to sufficiency of literature. Moreover, it will explore the shift to social media marketing in a future context and the predicted outcomes put forward by published works. The use of thematic analysis will help identify main points that contribute towards the thesis and then classifying patterns within the papers. The aim is to present the findings which are that there is an emerging discussion surrounding the use of social media as the primary tool for marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic and also bring forward the main ideas published while illuminating the opportunities to conduct further research.

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