Vision Statement for General Hospital

Option #1: Vision Statement for General Hospital
For this assignment, your team has been tasked with creating a Vision Statement for General Hospital, an Acute Care hospital. Each group will have their own discussion board for this assignment.
Tips for creating a vision statement: Developing a Team Vision Statement That Inspires Commitment and Performance. (Links to an external site.)
The vision statement my group decided on:
To have fully-trained, highly competent, and compassionate healthcare professionals delivering high-quality, person-centered care to those in need within our community.
Include the Vision Statement and discussion on the following: Please add and edit anything is bold. Fluff it up and add to each of these questions. I just gave an idea.
• Does the vision statement reflect understanding of the organization’s goals?
• Do you believe that management and employees can live up to the vision statement?
• What role did you play in the team process? Communicated through our group channel.
• How were decisions made? Susan was the designated leader who choose Option 1. She asked how do we went to communicate. We originally thought to use group me but then realized that our professor needed to see our daily communication. Susan asked each of us to have a vision statement created by Wednesday the 27th. We decided then vote who’s we thought was best.
• Did team members listen to one another? If no, why not? Yes, we all communicated and listened.
• Was input research-based or personal-opinion based? I believe it was both.
• Did social loafing or groupthink impact the outcome? No
• How was conflict managed? No conflict
• How satisfied was each member with the final decision? Every team member was satisfied.
• What was learned about functioning in groups? It’s very difficult online when everyone in in a different time zone.
• How did the team perform and what might you have done differently? Our team was engaged but this is an online course, and we were all logged in and engaging in the discussions at different times. I would of tried to start on Day 1, rather than two days later because we only had about 4-5 days to complete the assignment
Your paper should be 1 page in length. APA format
Reference: Developing a team vision that inspires commitment and performance (Links to an external site.). (2021).

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