The General (1926)

Film: The General (1926)
Introduction: Your argument on the film. Make a statement is important aesthetically? What makes the film important in its cinematic storytelling? What is the film is important thematically? What does the film reveal about cultural attitudes and tastes about the time of the film’s public release? What does the film help us understand about the history of American storytelling and its technical development, as well as attitudes we have about each other? 2 paragraphs
In this section, bring in the evidence to support yours claims about why this film is so important. Who are the characters? Quote dialogs in the film. How is the filmmaker making the audience empathetic or sympathetic about something going on with the character? Describe those circumstances. Explain why the evidence from the scene or the film illustrates why the film is technically in the magically important for staying age. 2 -3 paragraphs
Lexis Nexis is a good database to find film reviews, directors, etc
Works cited MLA

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