The Case of Marie

For this assignment, you will revisit The Case of Marie, which you can complete using the link in the Resources. You will assess the needs of all relevant family members and work out treatment goals that will best provide a positive outcome for the entire group. Use your last assignment as a starting point; you can use resources used for that assignment as reference where relevant, as well as course readings, discussions, and material
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you have to complete the following:
As you imagine engaging with this family, describe the more important interpersonal skills that will be critical. Comment on areas that are naturally easy for you to empathize, or describe the areas that may cause difficulty for you to empathize with this family. Using your knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, create a written assessment of the strengths, resources, and problem areas. Identify critical areas needing further assessment if you were to work with this case study family in the future.
Identify what the focus of your work with this family would be. Identify potential treatment goals and objectives based on your assessment and the focus of your work together. Utilize evidence-based research to inform your practice interventions.
Discuss the knowledge needed to understand the person in the environment to work with this family.
Apply strategies of ethical reasoning to arrive at principled decisions that may arise within this case study.
Identify how to tolerate ambiguity in resolving ethical conflicts.
Explain any foreseen areas of difficulty this family may have in moving forward with the treatment goals you have developed and how you would manage these areas.

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