Quality of Life Vs. Quantity of Life Years.

Title: Quality of Life Vs. Quantity of Life Years.
Thesis: There needs to be a critical change in eldercare and end-of-life care within healthcare and also culturally.
be 5 full pages in length (not including the cover, abstract, or reference page)
have a cover page with a clear title that reflects your research & thesis
have a reference page
use APA documentation style
use Times New Roman, font size 12,
use double line spacing
use one-inch margins all round
use no running heads (this is just a personal dislike of mine)
have the page number bottom center
3 references from: Moody, H. R., & Sasser, J. R. (2021). Aging: concepts and controversies. SAGE Publications, Inc.
3 references from: Howard, P. J. (2009). The owner’s manual for the brain: everyday applications from mind-brain research. Bard Press.
Plus, whatever references are needed for the paper.

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