key performance indictors (KPIs) used by health care organizations

For the Unit 1 exam, you will review some of the key performance indictors (KPIs) used by health care organizations, and prepare a 10-12 slide Power Point presentation that answers the questions listed below.
Step 1: Review the attached spreadsheet of KPIs. KPIs are common metrics used to assess organizational performance.
Step 2: Address the following points in your presentation:
Does the organization you work for assess any of these KPIs? Why or why not?
Choose two KPIs to compare and contrast how they can be used by an organization to assess performance. Identify how these KPIs improve quality.
You will develop an 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation, including title and reference slides.
Develop a presentation focus on the KPIs as described.
Include audio narrated slides as if you are presenting to the leaders of your organization
Slide notes on each slide.
Include at least 2 APA 7-formatted references for this assignment.
Review the assignment rubric before beginning the assignment. You may use the attached template or create your own for this assignment. If you are unsure of how to properly format using APA 7, please review the APA/InfoLit presentation, or consult the APA Style Blog
Once finished, please submit your presentation to the Unit 1 Exam Dropbox.
Please reach out to your course faculty member if you have any questions about your homework.
List of Topics and Sub-Modules for Exam
Unit 1 Exam

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