History of Media”

This is for the class called “History of Media” and we talk about a lot of media related stuff – from past to now and future of media and how it influences people and society.
The topic of the essay came from my thoughts about how all the girls I know love their Instagram-filtered selfie and think that as their “ideal self” when actually those filters are so surreal and distorted in my opinion.
I wish you could read this article b4 start writing: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/04/02/1021635/beauty-filters-young-girls-augmented-reality-social-media/ and also listen to the podcast on the website, it really captures what I want to talk about in the essay.
I hope you can include this story somewhere in the essay (if not relevant in your professional opinion, skip it!): Plastic surgery has been very popular and common in South Korea. People used to bring celebrity’s pictures as reference in the past but nowadays, people bring their Instagram or snapchat filtered selfie to the doctors that they want to look like that.
Thank you so much. It’s my first time using the service and hope the best!!

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