What were the unmet customer needs when Chobani’s was founded? (20%)

Read the Chobani’ Greek Yogurt case (see link below), and answer the following questions drawing upon the materials discussed in this module.
Case: Chobani’s Greek Yogurt – Ulukaya, H., 2013. Chobani’s founder on growing a start-up without outside investors. Harvard Business Review, 91(10), pp.45-48.
Q1: What were the unmet customer needs when Chobani’s was founded? (20%)
Q2: a) What’s Chobani’s value proposition? (20%)
b) What’s Chobani’s go-to-market strategy and its rationale? (20%)
Q3: How was Chobani’s funded? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in comparison with other funding sources? (40%)
Topics Covered:
1. Busiess model design
2. Customer Needs and Value propersition
3. Collaboration and alliances
4. Direct and indirect network effects, standards, go-to-market strategies and bandwagon effects.
5.role of revenue models and the different types, pros and cons of funding sources.
6. Scaling, Valuation, exit strategy
7. founder’s dilemma, the collective entrepreneurial team, discovery-driven planning, design thinking and lean startup, the types and functions of incubators and accelerators, and crowdfunding.
8.discovery-driven planning, design thinking and Lean start-up
Please Use terms theories from some of these topics while tryinng to answer the questions.

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