the Windows Registry and its five high-level keys

Prepare a professional quality paper that includes the following:
A general overview of the Windows Registry and its five high-level keys including:
Descriptions of the ways that data is categorized within the registry
Examples of how data is stored and what’s necessary to decipher it
In-depth research of the HKEY_Current_User Hive:
Detailed description of the hive
User and machine data that is stored within the hive
How data is stored
How data can be viewed within the hive
Specific examples of forensically relevant data
How the Hive can be connected to an individual
Three tools that can be used to analyze the Registry to include:
Description of the tools, their developers, and availability
Functions of the tools
How tools report data
Specific examples from the Windows registry where relevant and possible
Relevance to forensic examinations
A plan for analyzing the registry of Mr. Harding’s business computer from the scenario to include the following:
Forensic tool/s that you would use for the registry analysis and reason for selecting this tool
Specific description of data to be analyzed (i.e. file name) and how you would collect that data
One piece of data from each of the five high-level keys that you would examine and how that data could assist with the investigation

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