the psychological aspects of a fictional character.

Content of the paper:
• You MUST have three scientific citations to support your paper. The citations may come from the textbook or a professional journal but NOT popular press. Better sources include scientific (peer reviewed) journals.
• For this assignment, you are asked to discuss the psychological aspects of a fictional character.
• Students should select at least three areas of psychosocial development that are discussed as part of this course (e.g., cognitive development, culture, parent-child relationships, psychological disorders, motivation, etc.) and discuss the character in the context of what we know about these domains.
1. What are some of the most specific aspects of the character that you can relate to concepts in the textbook?
2. What do you find interesting about this character?
3. What seem to be the pressing issues that this character must resolve?
4. How have the specific factors inherent in the context in which the person lives affected them?
5. To what extent is this character’s development typical, in the sense that it appears to correspond (or not correspond) to what we have learned from scientific research and theory about these psychological concepts?
6. What might have been done to change the development of this character in regards to the psychological concepts you have chosen to study? Family, peers, environment, medication, etc…
Be sure to introduce briefly the character and the story so that the reader of your paper is familiar enough to understand the references to the book or movie. You may use direct quotes (with proper citation) from the scientific articles or movie for the purposes of illustration. You should not rely on this as an alternative to providing your own interpretation or opinion. You are required to tie in references and information from the scientific literature.
The introduction includes a clear description of the character as well as the three psychological concepts the author intends to explore.
The author explores in depth 3 psychological concepts related to the character.
The author includes information from scientific sources that supports or contradicts the authors provided information.
The author is able to effectively tie the characteristics to the information from PSYC 2301.
The conclusion provides a clear summary of the paper.
The conclusion gives the reader something to think about after reading the paper.
The conclusion provides ideas for the future of the topic.
There are 3-5 acceptable peer-reviewed sources. Sources are cited in the writing and referenced in a bibliography or works cited page.
Use double-spacing.
Use size 12 font Arial or Times New Roman.
Set margins to one-inch on all sides.
Write in complete sentences, use good English grammar, and correct spelling.
APA documentation style must be used when citing references in context and bibliography (if any).
The paper will be ran through Safe Assign to prevent plagiarism.

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