Physiologic Functioning

Part A: Select a patient and complete a concept map related to the anticipated transition in care
(note the care transition should be from hospital setting to home or rehab/skilled nursing/LTAC).
Use the TOC checklist from the National Transitions of Care Coalition to guide the construction of your concept map. The following components must be linked on your concept map:
Physiologic Functioning
Psychosocial functioning
Cultural Factors
Health Literacy and linguistic factors
Financial Factors
Spiritual and Religious functioning
Physical and Environmental Safety
Family and Community Support
Assessment of medical issues
Continuity/Coordination or Care Communication
Part B Policy Development (see
Develop a brief overview hospital policy related to improving transitional care for patient in a hospital setting. This should be 1 page in length (can use bullet points, does not need to be in paragraph format). APA citations when appropriate.

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